Fact Sheets & Publications

Looking for more information about renewable technologies?  The N.C. Solar Center has an array of renewable energy-focused fact sheets and publications available for download.

Fact Sheets & Publications


General N.C. Solar Center

N.C. Solar Center 2012-2013 Annual Report
N.C. Solar Center 2011-2012 Annual Report
N.C. Solar Center Overview & Fee-Based Service Offerings


Clean Transportation

Click here for transportation materials

Energy Assessments

Subsidized Renewable Energy Site Assessments


Economic Development

Economic Development
Solar Financial Modeling (Dashboard)


Energy Policy

DSIRE Solar Policy Guide
NC Commercial Solar Incentives
NC Residential Solar Incentives
Installing Solar Panels on Historic Buildings
Solar in Small Communities: Case Study of Columbia, MO
Solar in Small Communities: Case Study of Gaston County, NC


Green Building

A Word to the Wise – Advice Regarding Green Building Practices
Air Leakage and Ventilation in NC
Residential Green Building Programs


Renewable Technologies


Solar Land Lease Issues
LandFill Gas
Passive Solar DS
Residential Solar Hot Water
Geothermal Energy
Solar Technologies
Wind Energy


Workforce Development

Training Program Overview
Financial Assistance for Continuing Education Courses
RETDS Brochure
Dealer Training



Clean Power & Industrial Efficiency

CHP Technical Overview
Industry Focused Services




Active Solar

Heating Season Performance and Thermal Characteristics of the NCSU Solar House – 1983 Research Paper

Fuel Cell

Demonstration of PEM Fuel Cell with On-Site Hydrogen Generation


Passive Solar

SunBook: A Guide to Solar Energy in North Carolina

Passive Solar Options for North Carolina Homes
Passive Solar Design Checklist
Selecting a Site for Your Passive Solar Home
Energy-Saving Landscaping for Your Passive Solar Home
Passive Cooling for Your North Carolina Home
Sunspace Design Basics
Decorating Your Passive Solar Home
Summer Shading and Exterior Insulation for North Carolina Windows
Passive Solar Retrofit for North Carolina Homes
 Solar Homes for North Carolina II



Photovoltaic Power System for the NCSU Solar House – Written in 2000